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Sponsorship Opportunities

We work with aligned sponsors to launch high-value, niche publications for audiences of decision-makers. Our "Investing Sponsor" program allows provides transparency, a means of supporting hyper-focused independent journalism, and an opportunity to participate in revenue sharing.

Interested parties should reach out directly to our CEO.

Design in Software

Legendary graphic designer and illustrator Milton Glazer said “Computers are to design what microwaves are to cooking.” Now that software has eaten the world, Microwaves are how we cook.

Comms in Tech

Disruptive companies are no longer given the benefit of the doubt. How can growing firms communicate their values and goals in a skeptical era?

Trust & Safety in Tech

Data management is a social, cultural, and practical issue complicated by the ways in which changing public expectation around accountability obscure paths to gorw

DevOps in Software

DevOps plays a critical role in software development, but can feel like a no-win situation for those involved, who often become the bearers of bad news.

CMIOs in Hospitals

CMIOS have an increasingly important role to play in understanding how hospitals function, but are often wrongly understood as exclusively EMR-focused.

Supplier Diversity

Supplier diversity is an increasingly important part of procurement programs and supplier diversity professionals are now pressured to find new vendors and expose data faster than ever before.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a core strategy for growing businesses, but separating the highly effective from the entirely made up remains difficult. We offer a source of truth.

Diversity in Tech

Technology companies are trying to overcome a history of homogeneity and struggling to understand how their products intersect with broader conversations around equity.

IR in Private Markets

Investor relations professionals have seen their role upended by Covid. As the rise of high-cadence, data-centric LP communications because indisputable, how can they refocus their attention?