Our Code of Journalistic Conduct

Feb 09, 2021

1 min read

We are community journalists. It's critical that members of our communities clearly understand how we behave.

Paperwork Studios is a publishing business built on working relationships between journalists, readers, and sources. As such, we believe it is critical for us to adhere to a strict code of conduct that articulates how we will engage with current and future readers and follow the tenets set forth below:

  1. We provide assistance to our readers wherever possible and however we can.
  2. We prioritize coverage that provides practical value to our readers.
  3. We respect our reader’s time and deliver information as efficiently as possible.
  4. We do not court controversy or engage in counterfactuals.
  5. We seek out and provide a platform for new ideas.
  6. We clearly label opinions as such.
  7. We endeavor to provide not only the stories of the day, but the context that renders them meaningful.
  8. We honor our agreements with sources and participants in closed-door events.
  9. We do not attempt to scale publications when doing so risks watering down the value of the content.
  10. We hold ourselves accountable to our readers and make ourselves available to readers. We surface rather than bury good faith criticism of our coverage.