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As the technology sector changes for good, diversity and equity professionals are trying to change corporate culture for the better. They are meeting resistance.

With LPs demanding transparency and accountability, investor relations professionals working in private markets are evolving their best practices in order to fundraise effectively.

Industry Advisors

Andrew Burmon

CEO, Co-Founder

A career journalist and editor, Paperwork Studios CEO Andrew Burmon is the former Chief Content Officer of Fatherly and founding editor of Inverse. His work has appeared in numerous publications. He is a graduate of Stanford University.

Gabi Browne

Publisher, Co-Founder

A consultative sales specialist, Paperwork Studios publisher Gabi Browne works to ensure each publication is tailored to the needs of its audience. Previously a leader at Yelp and Justworks, she is a graduate of UNC.

Simi Shah

Business Development Manager

A private equity analyst turned media disrupter, Simi Shah leads new publication research efforts for Paperwork Studios and reports for our varied publications. She is a graduate of Harvard.

Ruth Umoh

Editor-In-Chief, The Filament

A business journalist specializing in coverage of diversity issues in corporate settings, Ruth leads editorial for The Filament. Formerly a reporter for Forbes, Ruth is a graduate of Columbia University.

Marine Cole

Editor-In-Chief, Fundwise

A business journalist specializing in coverage of private markets, Cole leads editorial for Fundwise. Formerly the American Editor for PEI, Cole is a graduate of Universite Pantheon Assas and Northwestern University.